About Alumni

Alumni is a group of people who have graduated from a school or university. Alumni are usually used to refer to a group of graduates of either one or both genders, while ‘alumnus' traditionally refers to a single male graduate, with the feminine term being ‘alumna'.

Colleges which involve their alumni in scientific research and further education as well as in cultural and social activities, have the possibility to benefit from the experience in order to gain new impulses to improve research, teaching and college culture.


       Envisions active and vibrant alumni cells that recognizes, promotes and celebrates the sense of belongingness evinced by the alumni and thus provide opportunities for the alumni to relate to and take part in the growth and progress of PJLCP.


  1. To promote a spirit of loyalty, fellowship and a closer association between the Institute and its Alumni. This association will provide the focal point of contact among Alumni to interact with each other and to enable them to keep in touch with the Institute and to strengthen the bond between the institute and Alumni.
  2. To provide a channel for the flow of information, need and wants of the Institute and Alumni by creating a bridge between the Alumni and Alma mater.
  3. To generate a corpus fund to financial support to the Institute for imparting a quality by donating towards various activities and for sponsoring and providing scholarship assistance to economically weak student through the Alumni Association.
  4. To provide the all types of assistance to the Alumni in every critical situation.
  5. To encourage Alumni to participate in the various educational, cultural and social activities and to develop synergistic plans to support the institute and achieve its vision.
  6. To operate a placement service for the benefit of students by arranging interviews and giving guidance.
  7. To undertake, carry on or promote scientific and technical research, experiments and tests of all kind in pharmaceutical and allied sciences. This will promote educational, research and extension activities in the members of the Association, by encouraging various departments in the Institute to conduct training courses, workshops, technical seminars, conference etc.
  8. To protect the interests and to promote the economic and social status of all those who are directly or indirectly engaged in the pharmaceutical profession, and to extend the financial assistance to deserving members from welfare fund account.
  9. To uphold the ethics of the profession of pharmacy.
  10. To help to maintain a very high professional standard amongst the students of the Institute by disseminating information regarding the latest developments in the field of pharmacy through the establishment of information services, such as a publish journals, books, magazines, documents, and other publications, it will also promote the causes of the profession of pharmacy.
  11. To bring out, souvenirs and newsletters highlighting the activities of the Institute and its Alumni
  12. To carry out such other activities as may be necessary for furthering the above aim and objectives. Any other objective as resolved by the Association in executive body meeting.


         The Priyadarshini J. L. College of Pharmacy  will be functioning as a nodal agency for maintaining liaison with Alumni all over the world and to involve them with the development of the Institute. Since the Institute has grown manifold in all aspects it’s an urgent requirement for alumni association to widen their arms for the growth and the development of the Institution.

         In recognition of this growth, the widening scope of Alumni affairs, the increased opportunities for Alumni engagement, and the need to implement new processes, alumni related activities of the Institute will be reorganized by creating a nodal Division of Alumni Affairs with a senior faculty member of the Institute as its Coordinator.

         A Cell dedicated to Alumni Affairs will also be established with a designated Faculty coordinator, who will be supported by two other faculty members and a group of members nominated by the Honorable Principal of the college from each department . The cell will set the overall direction and framework in relation to all Alumni activities. The Campus Cells will work to this direction and framework and continue to organize events such as Alumni visits, and Graduation batch activities. The Faculty coordinator of campus Cell will be accountable to the Honorable Principal, PJLCP.




  • Generate the list of the Entire alumni of respective department right from the foundation batch.
  • Plan, implement and promote alumni programs that support the PJLCP strategic Plan
  • Ensure accurate and complete alumni database records including their contact, biographical and career information
  • Establish and build relationships with a wide range of alumni as well as local, regional, National and International alumni chapters
  • Serve as the single point of contact for alumni & Institute for all matters related to
  • alumni affairs, and maintain regular communication with alumni
  • Educate graduating students about alumni benefits and engage them in programs
  • Partner with various offices of the Institute to spearhead the introduction of alumni involvement in the growth and continued leadership of the college.
  • Collaborate closely with Industries and enable increased support from alumni, and provide platforms and programs for such support
  • Publish the audited accounts for access by all stakeholders and donors
  • Raise funds for special projects and events


          We, In the Alumni Cell, seek to reach out, maintain and strengthen close ties with our Alumni. The Cell aims to organize ways in which present students can freely exchange ideas and experiences with across the passed out students throughout the globe- to learn how this college helped to mould their minds, how it shaped their futures, their life on campus and much more.

         The PJLCP has also furthered our efforts of updating the alumni database with fresh contacts on a regular basis throughout the year and are inching towards our goal of the establishment of an online network so elaborate that it could become a nerve centre for PJLCP in the future.  

         The PJLCP is planning to print our Magazine which will provide a platform for PJLCP from all spheres of life to share with us their experiences, emotions and the most endearing moments that encompassed their lives as members of this institution.

         The alumni cell is an endeavor to strengthen bonds between PJLCP and keep the PJLCP spirit alive, vibrant and inclusive.